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Allie Banks

  Allie Banks is a Producer, Actor, MC, Writer and Stand Up Comedian. She got her start in musical theatre playing the role of Liesle in her community theatre's rendition of The Sound Of Music when she was 16 years old. She later moved to Toronto to pursue an acting career.
  Being told she was naturally funny, and often cast in comedic roles – Allie decided to pursue a career in stand up comedy. Soon after, she tackled producing live comedy shows. This accelerated her career and led her to host an event called HaHa Halton which was televised by Cogeco.
  She now produces several successful comedy shows and has appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows and short films. When she is not on stage or in front of the camera - she is writing and directing commercials for various clients. With her career gaining momentum, Allie Banks is a text book work-a-holic. She fully intends to dominate in her chosen fields and will work until she is a household name – or at least until she is famous enough to walk into Krispy Kreme donuts and get a dozen for free.

Book a comedy show for your office/event

Laughter Everyone Can Enjoy
Trust in Allie’s experience to produce and MC a professional 30 to 90-minute stand up show in person or online.

Raise Money For Your Cause
A comedy show is an easy way to bring people together and draws in a crowd.

Memorable Event
Great times make for great stories. Allie will bring an elite group of comedians together to give your crowd a night to remember.