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Virtual sessions are now available for each package.

Penalty Box Comedy

Happening every Thursday at 10pm it’s Penalty Box Comedy! Located at TONIGHT LIVE HAPPENINGS BAR in Parkdale.

If you ever watched comedians on stage and thought to yourself “I could do that” then this is the show for you! It’s an open mic night! Sometimes professionals grace the stage to work out their material before their Netflix specials, or sometimes it’s your co worker Terry who’s mom said he was funny. Sign up is at 9:45pm if you want to go on stage. The show starts at 10pm.

Each comedian gets 5 minutes to step into the penalty box and show us what they got!

Need a little liquid courage to get on stage? TONIGHT Bar has drink specials all night long. Need carbs instead? They always keep a steady supply of freshly popped popcorn that rivals movie theatres.

We highly recommend bringing your friends for support if you’re a first timer. If no one laughs at least they will (it just might be at you instead of at your jokes). But hey! At least they’re laughing.

*To ensure maximum social distancing, half the audience is inside while the other half is on the patio. There’s a giant flat screen with a live feed of the show to the patio. But there’s a twist! The comic on stage also has a flat screen… of you! So they can see and hear you too. So be careful what you say.

It’s a FREE show!